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Just wanted to inform everyone that Hwy 32 is closed between Suring and Breed due to a bridge construction project. The detour takes you from just north of Suring onto Hwy M over to Hwy 55 and up to Langlade. You can take some miles off by taking WW to T and then north on T to the lake.

Here's a link to the details.


Well it finally happened, the ice is gone from the lake, it went out sometime last night. The wood ducks, loons and geese are here and were all waiting for it to happen. Hopefully this means some warmer weather is on the way and we can start to get ready for the Lake season.

A reminder our Spring meeting will be at the public beach on the Saturday of Memorial day weekend at 9:00am. Hope to see you there.


APRIL 5, 2022

Spring is upon us, as I write there is snow on the ground, but hopefully it melts quick and the grass turns green. Normally the ice goes out about mid April, depending on the ice, it may be a bit later.

Water will be up I would think with the melted snow and run off, but it will go down if we have limited rain fall in May. I think we are all ready to enjoy the water. The water levels have been down compared to the last 3 years.

Our Spring meeting will be at the Beach at 9:00 on May 28 Saturday weather permitting. You can come by boat or car, what ever works. The meeting will only be an hour. If you have new neighbors, please invited them.

The fish stocking took place last fall September 17, 2021. they stocked 1,419 Walleye. They normally stock every two years.

The Bass Lake Association will again monitor the boat landing for clean boats this year starting Memorial weekend and going through the summer to Labor Day Weekend. We need every member to help monitor which is 2 hours on a Saturday and 2 hours on a Sunday. We have one of the few clean lakes in the area and want to keep it that way. We will have a sign up sheet at the Spring Meeting. Please take a day to monitor.

If you had any break-ins this winter, please let us know by email or bring up at Spring meeting.

If you are planning on selling your cottage, let us know and we can publish on the web site.

Keith Uhlenbrauck
Bass Lake Association.



At the Fall meeting Derek Thron the FLOW AIS Coordinator for Bass Lake gave his introduction and there was discussion about some new aquatic plants that have been seen on the lake. Derek came to the lake on Wednesday August 18th and inspected the plants in question. He identified all of the plants as native species and they don't pose a problem for the lake. He did note that sometimes environmental elements are just right for some species to grow more rapidly in a particular year.

The Labor Day Duck hunt for kids is being held on Saturday of Labor Day weekend at 4:30. We've got some eager participants. If you see Yellow ducks floating around please just leave them float. If they're there Sunday morning please remove from the lake and if you want to return them to the Wyngaard residence.

The minutes of the meeting will be published as soon as they're prepared.


The final Bass Lake Management Plan prepared by the DNR, County, Townships, UW Stevens Point and citizens has been loaded into the links section of the web site. it was delayed almost a year due to Covid. The plan contains detailed information and lays out a plan for future management.

In an effort to help reduce our lake shore erosion we’ve put together a list of different grants that are available to help with the cost, planning and implementation of shoreline retention.

1. Oconto County cost share program.
2. State of Wisconsin DNR Lake management program

Both of these programs start with a meeting with Ken Dolata from Oconto county, he can be reached at (920) 834-7152, Dale Wery has been in contact with them regarding these programs and they are planning a visit to Bass Lake in December. They would like to meet with all property owners on that day to do site visits and start the grant process which starts with obtaining a permit. Ken will also be able to provide a list of approved landscapers. The deadline is February for applying for these grants.
The Association is starting a list of interested owners if you’d like to be included in the grant process or get some ideas about can be done please let me know and I’ll start a list.

3. DNR Surface Water Grant

The DNR has a surface water grant program which has deadline of Feb. 1. This program has 5 simple inexpensive best practices, with grants of up to $1,000 per practice installed. I don’t know much about this program but there is an attachment that describes it. There are 2 links on the web site for this program, DNR Surface Water description, Surface Water Application process

Please let us know if you’re interested in any of these programs and we’ll assist in any way possible.


Board Members

Our current list of board members, their phone numbers & email addresses.

Wayne Wyngaard

Keith Uhlenbrauck
Vice President

Jane Wilz
Secretary Treasurer

Ron Karfonta

Steve Hamann

Rick Mielke

Russ Ryczkowski
(920) 609-4920

Gordon Brushwyler

Todd Sabourin


Lucky Duck Hunt
Lucky Duck Hunt
Lucky Duck Hunt
Lucky Duck Hunt
Lucky Duck Hunt
Lucky Duck Hunt
Lucky Duck Hunt
Lucky Duck Hunt
Lucky Duck Hunt
Lucky Duck Hunt
Lucky Duck Hunt
Lucky Duck Hunt
Otters on the lake 2014