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There are 2 new links on the web site for Tree Removal Services and Salvaging Damaged Trees. They are very helpful documents provided by the Town of Doty and DNR.

The Fall Bass Lake Association meeting will be held on Saturday August 31st at the Doty Town Hall at 9:00am.
Agenda to follow.

Hello Lake Owners,

On Tuesday night the Town of Doty had a agenda item about the slow no wake on Bass Lake. Several lake owners offered opinions, Gordon Brushwyler presented the lake level data and i presented the email survey results. Everyone agrees this is a very emotional subject. The Town has been observing the lake for quite a while including putting a lake level mark at the boat landing around May 1st. They discussed what other lakes in the state have in place for water levels and slow no wake. Many lakes have ordinances so that when the lake hits a certain predetermined level the slow no wake ordinance is imposed. It is a lengthy process to put in place with public meetings and input from everyone and they feel that might be appropriate for Bass Lake. No one at the meeting is in favor of a permanent Slow No Wake and that is not the intent. The Town Board also stated that they rely heavily on the Lake Associations for input. I brought up that the lake is in the middle of the Oconto County Lakes project and that they are presenting the initial findings on Saturday August 24th in Lakewood at the Town Hall 17181 Twin Pines Road Lakewood from 1:30 - 4:00. The Town Board is going to attend the meeting and I suggested that we use information from the County Lakes project, which includes the DNR, to help determine a long term solution which removes the objectivity. The Town Board took no action to remove the slow now wake due to the lake level so the Slow No Wake remains in place for the remainder of 2019. Enforcement will be done by the Town Constable.

I presented the results of the email survey.
There are 89 property owners on the lake.
I sent emails to 66 owners and received 52 responses which is 58% of the owners.
There were 20 responses that wanted it removed and 32 that wanted it kept in place.

I talked with Ken Dolata from Oconto County and he told me that Bass Lake is on the DNR Special Resource list which means that permits are required for installing rip rap and the process starts with having the county do a shoreline survey to determine what can be done. The permitting process for rip rap takes approximately 30 - 60 days but bio engineering permits to put in plants to protect the shoreline is much shorter. They are also taking applications for cost sharing for next year.

The Bass Lake Association meeting is being held on Saturday August 31th at the Doty town hall. i encourage everyone to attend, make sure your dues are up to date so that you can vote for election of Board members. if anyone is interested in being on the board of directors please contact me.

Wayne Wyngaard


A Morning with the Loons - A great educational opportunity

Learn more about loon behavior and the status of loons in our area lakes. This is a 1 hour informational and interactive presentation provided by Sherry Abts. Sherry is a Loon Ranger with the LoonWatch program and has been surveying loons in our area lakes and in her home state of Minnesota for many years. Sherry works with the top loon researchers in the country and has a wealth of knowledge of loon habits and behaviors and provides wonderful loon talks. Her previous presentation to Boot Lake and Bass Lake Association members was well received and enjoyed by all who attended. Also invited to the talk are the Archibald Lake, Bass Lake and Wheeler Lake Associations. Be prepared to have fun while learning about our favorite aquatic birds!

When: Saturday August 31, 209 – 11:00 a.m., after the Wheeler Lake Association’s meeting.

Where: Waubee Lake Lodge, lower level.


Oconto County Lake Study Results and Planning Meeting

Bass Lake is in the middle of a 5 year comprehensive lake study plan being implemented by Oconto County in conjuntion with the University of Wisconsin. They have been studying the lake and surrounding area for 2 years and are determining a long term lake management plan. The results of the first 2 years are in and the first public planning session (involving county, state, and university specialists) for the 5 lakes in the study are being held on Friday and Saturday August 23rd and 24th. Researchers will present 24 months of data regarding water quality, fish species, plant types, bathymetric mapping, land use, and shoreline developement, groundwater and surface water sheds and invasive species found. The goal of this information is to develop a comprehensive long term lake plan.

You don't need to be a property owner to attend so pass this info out to anyone that might be interested.

Here's the schedule.

Friday, August 23rd at the Mountain Community Center

Grindle Lake 4:30 - 7:00 pm
Anderson Lake 7:15 - 9:30 pm

Saturday, August 24th at the Lakewood Town Hall 17181 Twin Pines Road Lakewood

John Lake 8:00 - 10:00 am
Boot Lake 10:45 - 1:15 pm
Bass Lake 1:30 - 4:00 pm

If you can't attend you can complete a survey which will take about 20 minutes at the following address:
Please note the Link is CASE Sensitive.

Hope to see you there.

Slow No Wake Important Meeting

On Tuesday August 13th there is a Doty Town Board meeting, the Slow No Wake is on the Agenda.
We'd like to have as many lake members there as possible so we can resolve the situation.
If you are unable to attend please send me your response and I will present it at the meeting.
Please have comments but also give me a definite yes or no to removing the Slow No Wake.

The Board looks forward to your responses.

Please send your responses to and

Thank you,

Wayne Wyngaard

There are storm damage pictures in the photo section.

I have been in contact with the Town of Doty chair. This is for Town of Doty land owners only. Doty has a sight for brush at 64 and T. Doty people can take their brush to there or the town of Riverview behind the fire stationing hey 32. I took 3 loads there over the weekend and works fine. No charge.

No wake has been put on Boulder, Boot, and Bass. Bass will not be lifted any time soon as we have no inlet or outlet to the lake as the other two do.

They had numerous help on Saturday from fire depts out of Green Bay, Langlad, and a couple of other depts. The town hall is open for food and assistance if needed. Next Friday night there will be a meeting at the town hall to bring residents up to speed on what has and is being done if you want to attend.

Please remind your neighbors about the no Wake.

Great Opportunity for Everyone!!
The Wisconsin DNR in cooperation with the UW Extension is having an event to train people on invasive species and inspect lakes. The event is being held in Suring, on Saturday August 17th, it's free and includes lunch. The participants are given training on invasive species then go out to designated lakes to gather samples. Return to Suring and work with the DNR to identify the samples.
It sounds like a great opportunity, the link to the event is below for more information.

Copy the link and paste into your browser

Board Members

Our current list of board members, their phone numbers & email addresses.

Wayne Wyngaard

Keith Uhlenbrauck
Vice President

Jane Wilz
Secretary Treasurer

Ron Karfonta

Steve Hamann

Rick Mielke

Russ Ryczkowski
(920) 609-4920

Dale Poquette

Todd Sabourin


Otters on the lake 2014
Dolfin's Storm Damage From June 19, 2019
Uhlenbrauck's Storm Damage From June 19, 2019
Uhlenbrauck's Storm Damage From June 19, 2019
Uhlenbrauck's Storm Damage From June 19, 2019
Wyngaard's Storm Damage From June 19, 2019
Wyngaard's Storm Damage From June 19, 2019
Wyngaard's Storm Damage From June 19, 2019
Wyngaard's Storm Damage From June 19, 2019